Conference Opening & Designed for Mobile: Developing Non-Traditional Experiences

A conference welcome address from the co-chairs, Loic and Adam, with a introductory stroll through some of the most eye-catching projects of the past six months and an overview of the key themes and ideas that will be explored over the course of the day.

The conference opening is followed by a behind the scenes peak at what it took to deliver three non-traditional mobile projects of the past year.

Agnes Alfandari

Mobile Strategy & Innovation @ the Louvre

With an in-gallery positioning system, 3D fly-throughs of masterpieces, in-app. purchases for additional content, and the world’s first museum guide on a Nintendo 3DS, the Louvre has developed one of the most feature-rich portfolio of mobile projects.

Presenter(s): Agnes Alfandari

The Mobile Web: Where to Start.

Mobile web sites: all museum’s seem to want one, but no one seems to agree where to start. By analyzing the development of three very different mobile web projects – from the Rijksmuseum, Baltimore Museum of Art and Walker Art Center – this session will explore the strengths and weaknesses of mobile web development approaches including dedicated mobile sites, responsive web sites and mobile first.

Usage Data for Mobile: What Can it Tell Us?

So you’ve launched a new mobile project, but how are people using it, what features are popular, and is it a success?